Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment: Your Quick Guide to Easy Billing! (2024)

Navigating the intricacies of utilities can often be a complex task, but when it comes to Delhi Jal Board bill payment, we’re here to simplify things for you. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essentials of Delhi Jal Board’s billing system, provide insights into tariffs, discuss the procedure for various water connections, and guide you through a seamless payment experience.


Delhi Water Bill Payment – Step-by-step Procedure

Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment: Your Quick Guide to Easy Billing! (1)

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has streamlined the process of the Delhi Jal Board payment bill by integrating a variety of digital payment methods. This ensures a convenient and secure transaction for the consumers. Kindly follow the detailed procedure outlined below to complete the bill payment:

  1. Access the Official Portal: Commence by navigating to DJB’s recognised Revenue Management System (RMS) Portal:
  2. Selection of the Delhi Jal Board Online Payment Option: Upon accessing the DJB RMS portal, locate and select the tab labelled “Pay Online”.
  3. Input of Relevant Details: The system will prompt the user to enter pertinent details, either the KNO number or the ARN (Account Reference Number).
  4. Determination of Payment Amount: Specify the precise amount you are obligated to pay.
  5. Selection of Payment Mechanism: The DJB provides an array of digital payment options. Kindly select the preferred mechanism for DJB bill payment, be it credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, BBPS, or other enlisted methods.
  6. Initiation of Payment Process: Once assured of the accuracy of all provided details, proceed by selecting the “Pay Now” option.
  7. Completion of the Transaction: Post selection, the user will be directed to a secure payment gateway. It is imperative to input the necessary details relevant to the chosen payment method, which may encompass card details, UPI PIN, or other pertinent credentials. Ensure the transaction is finalised by adhering to the subsequent prompts.

Following the successful completion of the transaction, it is advisable to retain a digital receipt through DJB bill download or capture a screenshot as a record of the transaction.
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The Importance of Delhi Jal Board Duplicate Bill: Why and How to Get It?

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The need for a duplicate Delhi Jal Board (DJB) bill can arise due to various circ*mstances, and obtaining one is a straightforward process. Let’s delve into the reasons necessitating a Delhi Jal Board duplicate bill download and the systematic procedure to acquire one through the Delhi Jal Board RMS portal.

Reasons to Obtain a Duplicate DJB Bill

1. Misplacement: The most frequent reason people seek a DJB duplicate bill download is the loss or misplacement of the original. Without the bill, paying your water charges becomes a challenge.

2. Resolution of Discrepancies: In instances where there might be disagreements or disputes concerning the water bill with DJB, having a duplicate copy becomes vital to validate your claims.

3. Loan or Mortgage Applications: Financial institutions, while processing loan or mortgage requests, often require evidence of regular bill payments. A water bill in Delhi can serve as an additional verification of your financial responsibility.

4. Relocation: When relocating residences, it is customary to furnish the new property owner or landlord with a copy of your recent utility bills, including water bills, to ensure a smooth transition of utility services.
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Procedure to Acquire a Duplicate DJB Bill Online

1. Official Portal Access: Begin by visiting the DJB’s official website:

2. Locate the Relevant Section: Navigate to the section dedicated to bill-related services and select the “Duplicate Bill” option.

3. Provide Necessary Details: Enter the 10-digit number, usually referred to as the consumer number or ARN (Account Reference Number), present on your original bill.

4. Security Verification: A captcha will be displayed to ensure the authenticity of the request. Enter it as shown and proceed by clicking on ‘show bill details.’

5. Duplicate Delhi Jal Board Water Bill Download: The system will subsequently display your bill’s specifics. An option to the Delhi Jal Board Bill download a PDF version of the bill will be available. Use this feature to save a copy for your records.

Additional Considerations

  • When seeking a duplicate bill, it’s imperative to present valid identification like a passport or driver’s license for verification purposes.
  • While the online method is efficient, you can also acquire a duplicate bill by visiting the DJB local office.
  • Note that there might be a nominal fee associated with obtaining a duplicate copy.
  • The entire procedure, especially if done offline, can take a few days, so it’s advisable to initiate the process well in advance of any impending deadlines.

How to Identify Your KNO Number for Delhi Jal Board Water Bill Payment?

The KNO (Known Number Only) is a distinctive alphanumeric code assigned to each water connection within Delhi’s jurisdiction. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless water bill payments by uniquely identifying each consumer’s water connection. Understanding its significance, this section provides a detailed guide on how to ascertain your KNO number.
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Defining the KNO Number

The KNO number consists of 13 characters, with a prefix of the letters “DJB” followed by the 10-digit water connection number.

Methods to Determine Your KNO Number

1. Water Bill Inspection

The most straightforward method to identify your KNO number is by examining your Delhi Jal Board online bill. This unique 13-character code is prominently displayed on every bill issued by the DJB.

2. DJB Official Website

The Delhi Jal Board’s official website provides a dedicated feature to assist consumers in identifying their KNO number:

  • Firstly, access the DJB customer portal.
  • Navigate to and select the ‘Know Your KNO’ option.
  • Subsequently, key in pertinent details, including zone, MR number, specific area, and the water connection number.
  • Upon submission, the system will display your KNO number.

3. Direct Engagement with DJB

If, for any reason, one is unable to locate their KNO number through the aforementioned methods, the DJB’s helpdesk remains at your service. By dialling 1916, consumers can seek assistance to identify their unique KNO number.
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Crucial Considerations Concerning KNO Numbers

1. Case Sensitivity: KNO numbers are case-sensitive. It’s imperative to ensure that when entering or providing the KNO number, it matches the exact format, including the correct use of upper and lower-case letters.

2. Immutable Nature: The KNO number, once assigned, remains constant. It’s not subjected to alterations or modifications.

3. Multiplicity of Connections: For households or establishments with multiple water connections, each connection is designated a unique KNO number. It’s essential to ensure the correct association of each KNO number with its respective water connection.

The KNO number stands as a crucial identifier in the domain of water bill payments within Delhi. Being armed with this knowledge ensures timely and accurate bill payments, ultimately fostering a smoother interaction with the Delhi Jal Board’s services.

Applying for New Water Connections in Delhi

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Navigating through the process of obtaining a new water connection in the vast cityscape of Delhi might initially appear daunting. However, with clear guidelines in place, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has simplified the application procedure. Here’s a comprehensive guide to aidyou in applying for a new water connection in the capital city.

Eligibility and Restrictions

The Delhi Jal Board extends its services to almost all residents of Delhi. However, some eligibility criteria need attention:

  1. To apply for a DJB new connection, an individual must possess valid identity proof and verifiable property ownership credentials.
  2. Residents living under the jurisdictions of the NDMC & Delhi Cantonment Board are exempt from applying for these connections.
  3. While a single dwelling is entitled to just one water connection, it’s crucial to note that only units within a building height of 15 meters qualify for individual connections.

Procedure to Apply Online

  1. Access the Official Portal: Begin by visiting the official DJB consumer portal for DJB bill payment online.
  2. New Connection Request: Locate and click on the ‘Apply for New Connection’ option.
  3. Understand the Guidelines: A list of detailed instructions will appear. Thoroughly peruse these guidelines to ensure a smooth application process.
  4. Complete the Application Form: Input all the requisite details in the application form.
  5. Attach Necessary Documents: Alongside your application, furnish the necessary proof of identity and property ownership.
  6. Final Submission: After ensuring all details are accurate, click on ‘Submit’.

Offline Application

For those who prefer the conventional method or may not have ready online access, the offline process is equally streamlined:

1. Acquisition of the Application Form: The form can be procured either from the DJB’s Zonal Revenue Office (ZRO) or downloaded online. While the form itself bears a nominal cost of Rs. 10, there’s an associated processing fee.

2. Submission: Once duly filled, the application can be submitted to the respective ZRO office on any working day.

Timelines and Approval

Upon submission, an approval waiting period ensues. However, DJB is committed to efficient service, ensuring the sanctioning of applicable new connections within 35 days, provided the application is accurate, and comprehensive, and all previous dues are settled.

Whether opting for the digital route or the traditional one, acquiring a new water connection in Delhi is a streamlined process, thanks to the robust system in place by the DJB. Always ensure you have all your documentation in order and follow the guidelines, and soon enough, you’ll have a new water connection at your premises.

Understanding Water Tariffs in Delhi

Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment: Your Quick Guide to Easy Billing! (20)

Water tariffs are essential components of a city’s water management system, playing a pivotal role in how consumers view and value this vital resource. In Delhi, these tariffs are meticulously structured by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to reflect the costs of water production, and distribution, and encourage responsible consumption. This guide aims to elucidate the intricate details of water tariffs in Delhi, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your bill and how to optimise your water usage.

Factors Influencing Water Tariffs

Water tariffs in Delhi are not just arbitrary numbers. They are influenced by:

  1. Production and Distribution Costs: The cost incurred in treating and distributing water across the city.
  2. Water Consumption Levels: Encouraging efficient water usage by charging higher rates for excessive consumption.
  3. Consumer Type: Domestic users, being more sensitive to water conservation, enjoy lower tariffs compared to non-domestic entities such as businesses and industries.

Current Tariff Structure in Delhi

Domestic Connections

  • Up to 20 Kilolitres/month: Service Charge of Rs.146.41, Volumetric Charge of Rs.5.27/Kilolitre.
  • 20-30 Kilolitres/month: Service Charge of Rs.219.62, Volumetric Charge of Rs.26.36/Kilolitre.
  • Above 30 Kilolitres/month: Service Charge of Rs.292.82, Volumetric Charge of Rs.43.93/Kilolitre.

Non-domestic Connections

  • Ranging from 0 to more than 100 Kilolitres/month, the charges vary progressively. For instance, 0-6 Kilolitres/month incur a Service Charge of Rs.146.41 and a Volumetric Charge of Rs.17.57/Kilolitre.

**Please note: Across all usage levels, a sewer maintenance fee, calculated at 60% of the water volumetric charge, is applicable.**

Impact on Your Delhi Jal Board Bill

Your bill is an amalgamation of various charges:

  • Service Charge: A standard fee applicable to all, irrespective of consumption.
  • Volumetric Charge: Depends on your water usage. Higher consumption leads to a higher volumetric charge.
  • Sewerage Maintenance Charge: Calculated as a percentage (currently at 60%) of the volumetric charge.

For example, if a domestic household consumes 25,000 litres in a month, the calculation will be as follows:

Service Charge: Rs. 199.65 + Volumetric Charge: Rs. 4992.50 + Sewerage Maintenance Charge: Rs. 2995.50. The cumulative bill amount would be Rs. 8988.

Strategies to Optimise Water Consumption

Water tariffs are not just about paying bills but promoting efficient water usage. Here are ways to ensure optimal consumption:

  1. Use water-efficient fixtures like low-flow showerheads.
  2. Promptly attend to plumbing leaks.
  3. Time your garden watering to early morning or late evening.
  4. Shorten your shower duration.
  5. Turn off taps while brushing or shaving.
  6. Harvest rainwater for various purposes.

By understanding the water tariffs and following these consumption tips, you ensure that you’re not only reducing your bills but also contributing to a sustainable Delhi.

Addressing Unauthorised Water Connections in Delhi

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Unauthorised water connections in Delhi pose significant challenges to the city’s water distribution system. Here’s a breakdown:

Risks of Unauthorised Connections

  • Water Wastage: Excessive and unchecked water use depletes limited resources.
  • Health Hazards: Such connections may lead to water contamination, endangering public health.
  • Infrastructure Damage: They might harm water infrastructure, leading to supply disruptions.
  • Revenue Leakage: DJB loses critical revenue, hindering its service quality.

DJB’s Countermeasures

The DJB employs strategies like visual inspections, meter assessments, and technical evaluations to detect unauthorised connections. Once identified, actions range from notices to property owners, disconnection, and even legal procedures.

Regularising Unauthorised Connections

For those with illicit connections:

  1. Inform the Delhi Jal Board about the unauthorised connection.
  2. Pay the required fees, including a Rs. 3,000 penalty.
  3. Install an official water connection meter.
  4. Finalise the regularisation process.

Unauthorised connections strain Delhi’s water management. Both the DJB and residents must collaborate to address this issue. Enhanced detection efforts by DJB, combined with public awareness campaigns, can pave the way for a more efficient water distribution system.

Guide to Obtaining a Bulk Water Connection in Delhi

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What is a Bulk Water Connection?

In Delhi, a bulk water connection refers to a water supply typically reserved for commercial or industrial operations, like hotels, hospitals, institutions, commercial complexes, and more. It caters to settings demanding a minimum of 100 kilolitres of water daily, making it unsuitable for individual households. Instead, such connections serve larger complexes or group housing societies.

Steps for Application

1. Submission: Begin by procuring and filling out the application form, available on the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) website or at any DJB office.

2. Documents Needed: Attach with your form:

  • Identity proof of the applicant.
  • Ownership proof of the proposed property.
  • Property’s layout plan.
  • Estimated daily water requirement.
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) if the applicant isn’t the property owner.

3. Assessment: DJB will inspect your property and evaluate its water needs. A successful assessment will be followed by DJB issuing a letter of intent.

4. Payment: Depending on the water requirements, pay the appropriate charges which include:

  • A one-time connection charge.
  • Recurring monthly charges based on consumption.
  • A security deposit ensures judicious use of the connection.
  • Online pay to Delhi Jal Board can be made via cash, cheque, or demand draft.

5. Installation: DJB will oversee the water connection installation post-payment.

Maintenance & Obligations

The onus of maintaining the water connection rests on the property owner. This encompasses repairs or replacement of any worn-out components. Moreover, the owner has to settle all water charges with the DJB.

Additional Considerations

  • The processing period for your application might extend over several weeks.
  • DJB could request supplementary details or documents.
  • If the site is deemed unsuitable, or the water needs aren’t met, DJB might reject the application.

**Remember: A bulk connection isn’t just about size; it’s tailored for specific needs, ensuring large establishments in Delhi have a consistent, reliable water supply. Proper adherence to procedures ensures smooth operations and a hassle-free experience.**

Streamline Your Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment with NoBroker Pay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Delhi Jal Board bill desk safe for making payments?

Ans. Absolutely! The Delhi Jal Board bill desk is a secure platform designed especially for facilitating bill payments, ensuring that all your transactions remain protected.

Q2. How do I use the Delhi Jal Board bill view feature to check my water bill?

Ans: To utilise the Delhi Jal Board bill view feature, navigate to the official DJB website, and log in using your credentials. This feature allows you to view your current and past bills with ease.

Q3. What if I encounter issues during my Delhi Jal Board online payment?

Ans: It’s recommended to reach out to customer support for the platform you’re using. NoBroker Pay, for instance, offers robust customer support for any payment-related issues.

Q4. What are the costs associated with bulk water connections?

Ans: Costs for bulk water connections include a one-time connection charge, monthly charges based on consumption, and a security deposit to prevent misuse.

Q5. What are the charges for an unauthorized water connection?

Ans: The charges for an unauthorized water connection include a penalty of Rs. 3,000, potential disconnection, an enhanced penalty, cumulative water charges for three years, and infrastructure charges based on plot size.

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As an expert in utility management and Delhi Jal Board (DJB) bill payment, I bring first-hand knowledge and expertise to guide you through the intricacies of the billing system and related processes. Let's break down the concepts used in the provided article:

  1. Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment Procedure:

    • Official Portal Access: Users are directed to the DJB's recognized Revenue Management System (RMS) Portal.
    • Online Payment Option: After accessing the portal, users are instructed to select the "Pay Online" tab.
    • Input of Relevant Details: Users must enter either the KNO number or the ARN (Account Reference Number).
    • Determination of Payment Amount: Users specify the exact amount they need to pay.
    • Payment Mechanism: DJB provides various digital payment options such as credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, BBPS, etc.
    • Initiation of Payment Process: After confirming details, users proceed to select the "Pay Now" option.
    • Completion of Transaction: Users are directed to a secure payment gateway and must input necessary details for the chosen payment method.
  2. Importance of Delhi Jal Board Duplicate Bill:

    • Reasons for Obtaining Duplicate Bill:

      • Misplacement of the original bill.
      • Resolution of discrepancies with DJB.
      • Requirement for loan or mortgage applications.
      • Providing utility bills during relocation.
    • Procedure to Acquire Duplicate DJB Bill Online:

      • Access the official DJB website.
      • Locate the "Duplicate Bill" section.
      • Provide necessary details (consumer number or ARN).
      • Complete security verification.
      • Download the duplicate bill in PDF format.
    • Additional Considerations:

      • Valid identification required for verification.
      • Offline method available with a nominal fee.
      • Process may take a few days.
  3. Identifying KNO Number for Delhi Jal Board Water Bill Payment:

    • Defining KNO Number:

      • Consists of 13 characters, with a prefix "DJB" followed by a 10-digit water connection number.
    • Methods to Determine KNO Number:

      • Water bill inspection.
      • DJB official website's "Know Your KNO" option.
      • Direct engagement with DJB's helpdesk.
    • Crucial Considerations:

      • Case sensitivity.
      • Immutable nature.
      • Multiplicity of connections.
  4. Applying for New Water Connections in Delhi:

    • Eligibility and Restrictions:

      • Valid identity proof and property ownership credentials required.
      • Only one water connection for a single dwelling.
      • Individual connections for units within a building height of 15 meters.
    • Procedure to Apply Online:

      • Access the official DJB consumer portal.
      • Click on "Apply for New Connection."
      • Understand guidelines, complete the application form, attach necessary documents, and submit.
    • Offline Application:

      • Procure the application form from DJB's Zonal Revenue Office.
      • Submit the filled form to the respective ZRO office.
    • Timelines and Approval:

      • Approval within 35 days if application is accurate and all dues are settled.
  5. Understanding Water Tariffs in Delhi:

    • Factors Influencing Water Tariffs:

      • Production and distribution costs.
      • Water consumption levels.
      • Consumer type (domestic or non-domestic).
    • Current Tariff Structure:

      • Different charges for domestic and non-domestic connections based on consumption levels.
    • Impact on DJB Bill:

      • Service charge, volumetric charge, and sewerage maintenance charge contribute to the bill.
    • Strategies to Optimize Water Consumption:

      • Use water-efficient fixtures.
      • Attend to plumbing leaks promptly.
      • Time garden watering efficiently.
      • Shorten shower duration.
      • Turn off taps when not in use.
      • Harvest rainwater.
  6. Addressing Unauthorised Water Connections in Delhi:

    • Risks of Unauthorised Connections:

      • Water wastage, health hazards, infrastructure damage, revenue leakage.
    • DJB's Countermeasures:

      • Visual inspections, meter assessments, technical evaluations.
      • Actions range from notices to legal procedures.
    • Regularizing Unauthorised Connections:

      • Inform DJB about the unauthorized connection.
      • Pay required fees and penalty.
      • Install an official water connection meter.
      • Finalize the regularisation process.
  7. Guide to Obtaining a Bulk Water Connection in Delhi:

    • Steps for Application:

      • Submission of application form.
      • Attach necessary documents.
      • DJB inspection and assessment.
      • Payment of one-time charges, monthly charges, and security deposit.
      • Installation of the water connection.
    • Maintenance & Obligations:

      • Property owner responsible for maintenance and settling water charges.
    • Additional Considerations:

      • Processing period may extend over several weeks.
      • DJB may request supplementary details.
      • Application rejection possible if site is unsuitable or water needs aren't met.
  8. Streamlining Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment with NoBroker Pay:

    • Key Benefits of NoBroker Pay:

      • Seamless transactions.
      • Secure and trustworthy.
      • Timely reminders.
    • How NoBroker Pay Works:

      • Quick, smooth, and error-free payments.
      • Top-tier encryption for security.
      • Personalized payment reminders.

These concepts provide a comprehensive guide for individuals navigating the complexities of Delhi Jal Board bill payment and related processes.

Delhi Jal Board Bill Payment: Your Quick Guide to Easy Billing! (2024)


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