27 100th Day of School Costumes, Crafts, and Activities (2024)


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27 100th Day of School Costumes, Crafts, and Activities (14)

The 100th day of school is a great time for teachers and students to think back on all they’ve accomplished so far. It’s a time to celebrate, and what’s better than a day full of unique crafts, activities, and costumes?

If you’re a teacher or a parent searching for some fun and unique 100th day of school ideas, look no further. Our list of 27 ideas has you covered.

What Is the ‘100th Day of School’?

The ‘100th Day of School’ is a celebration that usually takes place sometime during the month of February. It all began back in 1979 when teacher Lynn Taylor and her fellow teachers got together to celebrate the 100th day of school. She published the idea two years later, and since then, classrooms have been celebrating this important milestone every year.

We’ve gathered a list of 27 of our favorite 100th day of school costumes, crafts, and activities to help both kids and teachers celebrate at school.

7 100th Day of School Costume Ideas

  1. Gumball Machine T-Shirt | DIY Inspired – This easy-to-make t-shirt idea can be put together with craft supplies you may already have lying around the house.
  2. 100 Pictures of Me – Parents can print out 100 photos of their child that they can then use to decorate a t-shirt, hat, or sash.
  3. 100-Year Old Kids | The Mom Creative – These costumes are so adorable and help transform your child into a 100-year old man or woman.
  4. 100th Day of School Valentine’s T-Shirt – Kids will have fun decorating a t-shirt with 100 hearts made out of felt.
  5. 100 Favorite Things – Why not wear your 100 favorite things? Cover a t-shirt with pictures you’ve printed or cut out from magazines.
  6. Buy a costume – If you’re short on time or don’t have the crafting gene, you can purchase a costume to celebrate the 100th day of school for a boy or a girl.
  7. Tally it up – Grab an old t-shirt and have your child create 100 tally marks using fabric markers or puffy paint.

10 100th Day of School Crafts

  1. 100 Shapes – Grab a stack of colorful paper and ask your students to cut out 100 individual shapes. Then have them use a poster board and a glue stick to take those 100 shapes and create their own unique pattern or design.
  2. 100 Gumballs – Print out this fun template and have your students add 100 gumballs to their gumball machine. ‘Gumballs’ can be made from pom pom balls, fruit loops, round stickers, or colorful construction paper circles.
  3. 100 Hearts – Cut out 100 paper hearts in different sizes and have your students help to decorate them with crayons, markers, stickers, glue…just about anything. Then hang them up around the classroom.
  4. 100 Fingers – One classroom has lots of little fingers – more than 100! Grab an extra large poster board, have students take turns painting their hands different colors, and then have them add their handprints or fingerprints to the paper.
  5. 100 Snowflakes – Since the 100th day of school falls during the Winter months, why not make 100 snowflakes? Your students can help cut out snowflakes in all sorts of sizes and patterns, then help to hang them from the walls or ceiling.
  6. 100 Googly eyesGoogly eyes mean lots of giggles and lots of fun. Have each student draw their own silly monster on a piece of poster paper. Then give them 100 googly eyes to decorate it with.
  7. 100 Rings – Have students cut 100 strips of paper from construction paper. Then have them create a paper chain to count out the 100th day of school.
  8. 100 Toppings – Most kids love pizza, and that’s what this 100th day of school craft is all about. Cut out large circles to represent the crust, then a slightly smaller circle to represent the sauce. Then have students glue down their choice of 100 pre-cut pizza toppings.
  9. 100 Stars – Hand out sheets of star-shaped stickers and have your students create their own starry skies and constellations on a sheet of paper.
  10. 100 Beads – Have your students make necklaces or even multiple bracelets with 100 beads. Grab some plastic pony beads or have fun with different shapes, colors, and patterns.

10 100th Day of School Activities

  1. Bring 100 things – Have your students bring in 100 things for the 100th day of school. They could be just about anything – fruit loops, pennies, crayons, paper clips, lollipops, pencils, LEGOs – the possibilities are truly endless! Students count their items at home and then bring them into the classroom to share.
  2. Read a book – There are some great books available that focus on the 100th day of school celebration. Choose from The Night Before the 100th Day of School, The 100 Hats of Cat in the Hat, Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day, and so much more.
  3. Get moving – Kids can burn off some of that never-ending energy with a little group exercise. Have your kids try and complete 100 jumping jacks or foot hops, and hand out a prize to everyone once they’ve finished. Or get outside and hold a 100-yard dash!
  4. LEGO creations – Bring in a large bucket of LEGOs, split the kids into groups, and have them count out 100 to create their own unique buildings, animals, cars, and other creations. It’s a math lesson in disguise, helping kids to strengthen their counting skills.
  5. Uncover a Mystery – Download the Hundreds Chart Math Mystery worksheets, 6 pictures in all, that kids can use to uncover a mystery picture.
  6. Do some creative writing – Start by giving your students a writing prompt. For example, ‘If I were 100 years old’, ‘100 reasons I like my school’, or ‘If I had 100 dollars’, and have fun reading their responses.
  7. Make some edible necklaces – Kids can take 100 pieces of Fruit Loop cereal and string them on a piece of string or yarn to create an edible necklace that is both fun to wear and eat!
  8. 100th Day of School Song – Celebrate the 100th day of school with a song. Download and print out copies of the 100th day song and have them sing along in celebration.
  9. Make a list of words – Have your students see how many different words they can make from the phrase, ‘One hundredth day of school’.
  10. Have a 100th day of school snack – Have some fun with food and create a tasty snack that’s perfect for the 100th day of school. Try using combinations like pretzel sticks and pretzel rings, or carrot sticks and mini donuts to create the number 100.

Now it’s time to start celebrating using our list of 27 100th day of school costumes, crafts, and activities.

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27 100th Day of School Costumes, Crafts, and Activities (2024)


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