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  • A century ago, daring professors in New York City walked out on an imperfect model of education, inspiring today’s New School community of scholars, creators, and activists to make their mark on the world. This bold act launched a tradition of asking the questions that lead to new questions and challenging the status quo. As we begin our second century of groundbreaking scholarship, creative innovation, and world-changing ideas, we are 100 years new.

    To celebrate The New School’s 100-year anniversary, we invited people around the world to explore our mission through events, exhibitions, and even a book documenting our history. Explore highlights from our centennial festival below and discover how 1919 was the start of something new.

  • Festival Recap

    We opened the university’s doors for a weeklong festival of performances, talks, and exhibitions reflecting on a century of world-changing scholarship and looking to the future of “the new.”

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  • A Drama in Time

    Published to coincide with The New School's centennial, A Drama in Time: The New School Century explores, through narratives and a bold graphic language, the provocative ideas, events, and people of a university that has forged the New for a century.

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  • Exhibition

    In the Historical Present looked back and took stock of this institution’s 100-year legacy, attending to the dynamic yet often hidden possibilities inherent in the school’s many pasts. Through commissioned artworks, pieces from The New School's art collection and archives, and artist-led engagements and performances, the exhibition envisioned the archive as a site of latent moments that might become scripts and scores for possible futures.

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    • Timeline, History, and Archives

      New School Timeline Dissenting opinions, groundbreaking courses, and progressive solutions are all part of The New School’s tradition of changemaking. Discover some of the pioneers, movements, and events that collectively tell our story of creative and intellectual innovation.Discover Our History
      New School Archives Whether you are a student investigating the launch of Earth Day here on campus or a journalist researching the university’s role in the American labor movement, you can find a wealth of historical and creative materials in the New School Archives. Explore our Collection
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      100 Years New | The New School Centennial (2024)


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